As best I can tell, the menu link for a new mailing:

https://mysite.org/civicrm/mailing/send?reset=1 Redirects to https://mysite.org/civicrm/a/#/mailing/new

But this fails as a white screen.

The console tells me: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) GET https://mysite.org/civicrm/a/ 500 (Internal Server Error)

Any ideas what's causing this? The same problem is true for A/B mailings.


Please see How do I debug CiviCRM when I hit a blank page / white screen / fatal error? which has instructions for debugging PHP when you run into a blank screen.

  • Turns out there was a .js conflict with the Pogstone Module (drupal). Removing this module fixed the issue. – Cullen McGough Sep 14 '15 at 14:13
  • Glad you fixed it! Odd that a JS conflict caused this symptoms, WSoD is usually a PHP conflict. Do you mean Pogstone's Fancy Tokens?Might be worth reporting against the extension or CiviCRM to help get the conflict fixed. Should you want to contribute further you can offer to sponsor the work. – Chris Burgess Sep 15 '15 at 19:16

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