Because a membership type was in use, I wasn't able to edit its relationship properties via the CiviCRM GUI. So I did it in MySQL (by editing membership_type_id and membership_direction fields in civicrm_membership_type).

I thought I created all related records the civicrm_membership table (each contact needs their own, even if the membership is inherited), but I must have missed some or encountered a bug because after doing this edit, I had to go through and Edit then Save some membership records in CiviCRM itself to fix them.

However this didn't work for everybody, and records with multiple relationships only passed on memberships to one of the two related records. Again, this may have been the result of an oversight on my part.

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The solutions below took place inside the CiviCRM GUI:

For most, I had to disable and re-enable all relationships and subsequently edit and save the membership.

In a few cases, even this didn't work. For those records, I also edited the membership and specified a number of allowed related records before saving (I also subsequently went back in and cleared out that number with no ill effects).

  • Recording this here for my own sanity - this is not the first time I've found this Q&A so for my future self (hello me) or other searchers: One install I encountered had two identically named relationship types, but only one of those was the one allowed by the membership type. Jul 2, 2020 at 16:45

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