On Administrative Dashboard in WP, how do I make column 1 wide enough to display my whole Activities dashlet?

  • would it work for you to put the dashlet in column 2?
    – Coleman
    Sep 26, 2015 at 17:15

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A bit of css will do it. I would suggest to create a new css file in you custom directory like /wp-content/plugins/files/civicrm/my_css/my_stylesheet.css Navigate to Administer->System Settings->Resource URLs and put your URL to the css file http://yoursite.com/wp-content/plugins/files/civicrm/my_css/my_stylesheet.css

In your css file:

#crm-container .column-0 {
        width: 50% !important; // set the width of the left column to the percentage needed
#crm-container .column-1 {
            width: 50% !important; // set the width of the right column

Note that between the two columns the percentage must sum 100%

The next style will set the columns to occupy the entire width of your screen

#crm-container .column {
        float: none !important; // remove floating so the column-0 stays on top of column-1

#crm-container .column-0, #crm-container .column-1 {
        width: 100% !important; // set the width of the columns to the cantainer width
        padding: 0 0 25px !important; // reduce bottom padding 

You might not need to set the weight with !important but it never worked for my without it, also you might need to clear the cache of your browser.

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