If a constituent makes a verbal commitment (ie. at event or via phone campaign) to make a one-time donation (ie. pledge) and we want to track + invoice them to fulfill that pledge, what is the best way to process via online self-service?

It looks like Pledges are designed for this, however:

  • They require an installment period. We only have a commitment for a one-time donation.

  • We need to ensure the payment matches / fulfills the pledge. Is there a special link for a pledge fulfillment/payment online? If not, the system will consider the pledge unpaid and continue to send reminders.

Alternatively, we can create a contribution with payment pending (or create a Pledged status type)

  • How do you send an email invoice and ensure that the payment matches the pending contribution?
  • Is there a way to construct the URL so the payment marks the contribution as complete?

I'd be open to using webforms - This seems like a common use-case.

  • I realize there is more coming in 4.7 (that may be the "answer") but hoping to discover a best-practice in 4.6.x. I noticed that the contribution API has Action - "completetransaction" which seems to be related and I also see a "pledgepayment" API which leads me to believe that this capability exists - hopefully without writing an extension. Oct 2, 2015 at 19:48

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Unfortunately pledges do not work with online contribution forms the way you'd like without an extension. You can use the framework for partial payments that's available in github and seen at the CiviCon in Denver earlier this year

First you'll need to create the contribution(not a pledge) on the back end. You probably can use the same concept with a checksum email if you don't want to require a login.

  • This seems like it will work (readme specifies this is for event participants, but presume i can use a contribution without event). Will see if the cost to maintain this is the right fit - but thanks for the tip! Oct 7, 2015 at 1:48

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