Ok, I have a customer that has created an event that has a rather extensive profile setup, which includes a field to upload a file.

When they pull the report, the full URL to access the file isn't include, it just shows ( ).

Is it possible get the full URL to populate that field when you pull the report?

Thank You!! Nicole

  • Sounds like this might be a bug. Is this a custom report? Can you reproduce it on the demo site using a standard report?
    – Coleman
    Oct 6 '15 at 15:41
  • here is the code that didn't show previously :) - '<a href="/civicrm/file?reset=1&amp;id=19&amp;eid=2784">'
    – Nicole
    Oct 6 '15 at 19:32
  • So are you saying there is an <a> tag with no content so it is not visible to the user?
    – Coleman
    Oct 7 '15 at 0:11
  • there's an '<a>' tag, and it does have part of a URL for the file, but not the entire URL. It is just everything after the .org/ of the domain. Here is what it's pulling: [app.box.com/s/bw2wa8t0hw1a6keo3jg6pn2yisfz9uqe]
    – Nicole
    Oct 7 '15 at 15:06
  • 1
    That should work fine, that's what internal links (e.g. from one page of your own website to another) usually look like.
    – Coleman
    Oct 7 '15 at 17:07

Are you working in drupal? If so, I recommend using a custom view, rather than trying to get a custom report.

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