When debugging CiviCRM pages, is there a native way to emit the SQL statements being run, eg on a Search page? I'm looking for something easier than finding the code for the page and putting in a debug_var kind of statement. I'd prefer to not have to rely on a Drupal module like cTools, since we work with other CMSes frequently these days.

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If you want to see everything, you can enable MySQL logging as follows (don't do this on production!):

  1. From the mysql console (or within an application like MySQL Workbench), run:

    SET global general_log = 1;
    SET global log_output = 'table';
  2. Look at all queries run within the last 15 seconds

    select * 
    from mysql.general_log 
      command_type = 'Query' and 
      event_time > now() - interval 15 second;
  3. Try to find queries on the civicrm_contact table

    select * from mysql.general_log 
      argument like '%civicrm_contact%' and 
      argument not like '%general_log%' 
    order by event_time desc;
  4. Clear the log

    truncate table mysql.general_log; 
  5. Turn off logging

    SET global general_log = 0; 

Try setting:

define('CIVICRM_DAO_DEBUG', 1);

in your civicrm.settings.php file, this might work based on a quick glance at the code.

The output will appear onscreen and in the CiviCRM log file (eg sites/default/files/civicrm/ConfigAndLog/CiviCRM*log or media/civicrm/ConfigAndLog/CiviCRM*log or wp-content/plugins/files/civicrm/ConfigAndLog/CiviCRM*log)


If your page happens to be a report, you can install the Extended Reports extension which will display the full sql query being run.


I am not sure wether such a functionality exist in CiviCRM but something wich might be worth a look at is the logfiles

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