Is it possible to export a checksum? This is an essential step to using a range of external services - alternate bulk email(Mail Chimp), QR code creation for name tags, etc.

But checksum does not appear as a field for exporting. Is there an alternate method for either generating the checksum or exporting it?

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A checksum isn't store anywhere until it is generated. So there is no way to export them (like from a report), you should generate them first. The checksum is apparently made up from the contact hash and some things like an expiry date.

More here How do contact hashes work, and how do I keep them secure?


MattWire has done an extension https://github.com/mattwire/uk.co.mjwconsult.checksum which indicates you can send a checksum via an external mail system - but you would be needing to copy/paste a different checksum for each and every contact you are sending to


There is an API which checks a checksum specifically from online pages, that might help you? You can find it here : https://civicrm.org/extensions/validate-checksum-api

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