Following up on this question I checked and confirm that the joomla demo site shows it is on 4.6.0 and has 'security releases' available


For background: The demo, training, test, and many local-dev systems for Drupal+CiviCRM and WordPress+CiviCRM are based on a common set of scripts, and they all install clean copies of Civi from git (using branches or version-tags). The demo sites are automatically rebuilt every night using the scripts. This keeps the sites up-to-date.

For Joomla: Installing a good, clean system for Joomla+CiviCRM from git is very difficult -- I and others have tried to automate it a few times and always given up. (Somewhere in my email history, there's a note-to-self about how hard this is. Alas, the language is too strong for publication.)

IMHO, there are two ways one can proceed with automating Joomla installation:

At any rate... Without an automated installer, the Joomla demo site grows out-of-date periodically.

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