I am setting $_SESSION variable inside a payment response file and need this to display on Thank you page. Somehow nothing seems to work so far.

Tried following things:

$_SESSION['test'] = 'Hello World'; // Inside payment response file

Need this in confirm.tpl file. Tried

{$session->get('test') // does not work
{$smarty.session.test} // does not work

Tried so many other things but nothing seems to work. Also, it's not working for any other variable like $_SERVER, $_POST etc.

Any ideas?

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    Try following:

    // php code;
        $_SESSION['test'] = 'Hello World';

    // assign 'Hello World' to .tpl
        $this->assign('test', $_SESSION['test']);

    // use '{$test}' following in .tpl file to display on Thank you page, For e.g
         <td>{$test}</td> // this will print 'Hello World' on page
  • Thanks Rohan but it's not working.
    – Negi
    Nov 3, 2015 at 10:56

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