I updated CiviCRM to 4.4.19 and the civisepa module through git. Since then, instead of the BIC/IBAN informations required for SEPA payments, the contribution page displays a non-functioning credit card selector:

non-functioning credit card selector

I cannot find anything wrong in the payment processor config, which is correctly set as sepa_dd.


The problem was that the existing payment processor had the wrong payment_type (historical reasons) and civicrm didn't display the direct debit block but defaulted to the "dummy card" one.

Changing the payment processor type to direct debit (2) solves the problem


@Ash_crow, I haven't encountered this problem yet.

Could you please go ahead and create a ticket on https://github.com/Project60/org.project60.sepa/issues? Could you also add some more information (like your CiviSEPA version and the setup of your contribution page)?


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