we are in the process of setting up CiviCRM and we are importing a lot of records from a previous CRM. when we do the import, the preferred language defaults to english. how do we get this to be a null value unless we import a value?

Same question for email format, email greeting, postal greeting and addressee. All are showing a default value. Null would be more accurate.


How do you import? Via csv upload?

If your import scenario is complex by any means I would strongly recommend to make use of the api. This approach helps you to get control over all aspects of field mapping.

Yours // nielo


Since the default language is set in the db (but i am having trouble finding that in the UI) you could set it so there is no default.

in the db look for civicrm_option_value

filter for option_group_id = 75, find the one set to is_default = 1 and set it to 0

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