When attempting to send an email to event participants (via participant listing > action > send email), I receive the following error:

Cannot read unrecognized property CRM_Core_Config::$civiVersion.

Upon trying to send to them as a group via CiviMail, I also get the same error in my process_mailing log

Any advice on how to resolve this would be appreciated!

Running CiviCRM 4.7alpha5 on Wordpress 4.3.1 with Mandrill and Clickatell extensions installed


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JMA will be releasing a version of the extension that works with 4.7 in the first week of February. Sorry for the inconvenience.


You are using an unreleased version where you can expect a few bugs. So I guess you ran into one.

You would help the developers if you add this bug to the issue tracking system of CiviCRM at https://issues.civicrm.org

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