Is there a way to schedule the same email to a group each week? It's a reminder for a meeting we run.



Could be done with scheduled reminders Adminster -> Communications -> Scheduled Reminders

Entity -> Event Name, choose first meeting name.

Enable repetition Repeat every 7 days until 10 years after event start date

(or something like that).

  • Can a repeating scheduled reminder be created without linking it to an event or other activity? I just want to start a recurring email starting [now].
    – Tenz
    Nov 17 '16 at 16:49

The scheduledcommunication extension might help.

Once installed, you have to add a new Scheduled Reminder that uses the API call Email2Each.Sendemails, with parameters:

group=Name of the group

The group can also be a smartgroup (so people could update their preferences to change a value of a custom field to stop receiving the messages, for example).

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