Using profiles individuals are able to update their own information. However i need an individual to be able to update their employers information. What solutions are there using wordpress for this?

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for WP or Joomla i think the only in-built option is if your Contact has a Permissioned Relationship with their Employer then they should be able to view and edit some details about their Employer via their Contact Dashboard.

But my quick test on demo (i guessed the url to get to the dashboard since i don't 'know' WP) doesn't show the permissioned Relationships I just created for 'demo, demo' on the Contact Dashboard, which I assumed (wrongly) was just a setting but MyContacts/Organisation was checked - hmm .

So either there is another setting that I have forgotten, or this is something I didn't know was a limitation in WP, or something else ;-)

But try it on your local anyway.

Also worth nothing that you can provide 2nd degree permissions via a setting (which i do see on WP)

  • sorry that wasn't as helpful as i expected it to be
    – petednz - fuzion
    Dec 4, 2015 at 5:00

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