I'd like to send out to all my donors a summary of all their contributions in the past year.

CiviCRM seems to have a feature that should do that by grouping the contributions per contact when printing out thank you letters but that feature is broken as illustrated here : Table not rendering data properly using new contribution grouping feature

Any work arounds that I am not thinking of? Thanks

  • Just added the correct link. Had put the wrong link in the original post
    – Yossi
    Dec 8 '15 at 2:04

The extension Summary Fields, will give you a token for total contributions per year, which you can use


In case you are looking for a formal contribution receipt you may want to have a look at those two extensions for contribution receipts:

1. Donation Receipts

2. CDN Tax Receipts


SO I ended up solving this by using Drupal Views. I created a list of all the donors who have completed donations in 2015 and linking each name to another page which is also view (table) that lists all the 2015 contributions with a header which includes the letter.

I then formatted the page for printing with css.

The only downside is that I have to print them one by one but it works.

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