We are running our CiviCSM system on a vendor's host with our database in the cloud. We have a CiviCSM system built for our network that is not currently in use, but we want to move the database from the cloud to our network. Can we Export/Import, Backup/Restore or Detach/Attach and which would work best?

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If you have access to your server and database, and you want to move the whole installation this wiki page should provide all the information you need. If you only want to move the database, have a look at this page.

I am assuming you are talking about CiviCRM, not CiviCSM ;)


Ironically, this isn't a CiviCRM question but a MySQL question. MySQL is the database software that underpins CiviCRM. Moving a MySQL database can be done either using the command line (mysqldump) or via web interface (phpMyAdmin).

However, this is a fairly technical process, and I wouldn't recommend trying this without someone experienced! Fortunately, anyone with MySQL experience can help you, even if they've never seen CiviCRM before. Just have them read the links in Fabian's answer.

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