i want to import my own table that contains custom fields and custom fields data.

is there a wizard that will understand that the first line title is the custom-fields and that that the data that follow the same row is the data , so i dot have to manually create custom fields?

can i create a csv file with custom fields ( no data just the custom fields) and import it to civi , instead of manualy create each and every one of those ?

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Custom Fields are complex and can be used for a variety of things. Having a wizard that will automatically create custom fields from the first line of the import file is not a good idea, at least for most non-expert users.

In your original/unedited question you asked if someone could create the wizard. You are welcome to do that, or commission an extension (by Core-Team or a Partner/Contributor) if you think it will be used.


You can import custom data, but only after the custom fields have been created.


To answer the second part of your question - you CAN create the custom fields by a CSV file by using either the command-line API CSV import tools or the API CSV GUI Import extension. However, custom fields are very complicated, and this isn't going to save you time unless you have a couple hundred custom fields.

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