I have civicrm 4.4.2. When I try to order any search result by other columns, I always get the same message:

No matches found for: Contacts IN Administrators AND Group Status - "Added" Suggestions: check your spelling try a different spelling or use fewer letters if you are searching within a Group or for Tagged contacts, try 'any group' or 'any tag' add a New Individual, Organization or Household make sure you have enough privileges in the access control system

I have tried with Firefox 31.5, with IE9, and Chrome 47.0. When I click the different columns, a parameter appears in the ULR ...&crmSID=4_u The only one working is the default one &crmSID=1_u (first column).

Any help? Thanks!

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You should start by upgrading to the latest version in the 4.4 series. (4.4.20).

The problem you refer to sounds like a bug that was fixed in a later point version of the 4.4 series. We are using 4.4 and can sort successfully by all but State.

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