I have hunted and not found anything so I am assuming that this does not exist -- but thought I'd ask just in case. I'd like to be able to reference the soft credit / honoree information in Thank You letters but can't find this as a token.

I guess it's tricky to do this as a token since it relates to a specific contribution and not the contact in general. What is the best way to try to do this?


Here's an attempt to address this with a token that can be used with Fuzion's CiviToken extension. With that extension installed, this token file can be added to a tokens directory in your custom PHP folder to provide a "Latest Contrib Soft Credit Name" token. (It checks the latest contribution and if there is a soft credit adds the name(s) in this token). The caveat being that it only checks the latest contribution and won't work for previous contributions.


File: tokens/latestcontribs.inc


function latestcontribs_civitoken_declare($token){
  return array(
    $token . '.softcredit_name' => 'Latest Contrib Soft Credit Name',

function latestcontribs_civitoken_get($cid, &$value, $context){
  $params = array(
    'sequential' => 1,
    'contact_id' => $cid,
    'options' => array('sort' => "receive_date DESC", 'limit' => 1),
  $softcredit_formatted = "";

  $softcredit_name = civicrm_api3('Contribution', 'getsingle', $params);

  if (isset($softcredit_name['soft_credit'])) {
    $connector = "";
    $i = 0;
    $total = count($softcredit_name['soft_credit']);
    foreach($softcredit_name['soft_credit'] as $softcredit) {
      $softcredit_formatted .= $connector.$softcredit['contact_name'];
      if ($i == ($total-1) ) {
        $connector = " and ";
      } else {
        $connector = ", ";
  $value['latestcontribs.softcredit_name'] = $softcredit_formatted;
  return $value;
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    For future readers - this token is now built into CiviToken, so you can just install that. Sep 11 '19 at 16:41

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