My development configuration: I work on netbeans on my Windows. My civicrm site runs on a remote ubuntu-server to which I can ssh and ftp. I need to make some changes to civicrm-core.

I would like to work with netbeans' git feature (in order to graphically see history in netbeans, committing from the IDE etc.) so I cloned my fork using the IDE, and created a project that uploads the files to my servers.

Now my server has a folder which is like my fork, but of course I can't just symlink to it from <drupal base>/sites/all/modules. I need to add all the stuff missing, and right now I am copying (without overriding existing files) from a tarball I downloaded from sourceforge. I guess there is a more programmatic way for doing that. The help on gitify explains the opposite of what I am trying to achieve (it starts from a tarball and then connects to github).


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Sounds to me that you are using two kinds of methods of deploying. You are using git and you are using ftp. Is that right?

I am also wondering why you need to directly change civicrm-core. Is there something missing and is there not another solution to find a solution for that specific need. Usually when you edit core files directly your maintance and updatability of your civicrm site gets more complicated.

  • You are right about the problems that I face when I change civicrm-core. I mainly need to render things differently to style the pages differently. Trying to base myself on this fork which is explained here. I need to work on the code because this fork is old. git is the way you should work, AWS is where my site is hosted, and my PC is where I run my IDE, and where I want to control git.
    – roi
    Apr 28, 2015 at 20:18
  • What I would do then is to fork that repo on your own github page. And then use your personal github repo as a central point. From your local machine you push to this central repo and from youw AWS you pull from this repo Apr 29, 2015 at 8:27
  • 1
    thanks. My question was how I create a workable civicrm directory from the clone i do from github. What script should I run that will envelope this with all needed in order to work in drupal.
    – roi
    Apr 29, 2015 at 8:31

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