Where do I set a phone number format (like date or address options at Administer/Localization)? Thank you. I'm on rev 4.6.6

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In short - you can't. Phone numbers are entered as free entry text. That's different from addresses, where the format is about which order different fields fall in; phone numbers are only one field. Dates aren't stored as freeform text; they're stored in a specialized "date" field to handle this.

That said, there's an extension called CiviDesk Normalize, and one of its functions is to store the phone numbers in a uniform format. However, you don't get to choose the format (except "National" or "International" style).

From the code:

INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL formats are consistent with the definition in ITU-T Recommendation E123.

If you have access to a developer who knows PHP, they can probably edit the format with a line or two of code - but I suspect it's more important that the phone numbers be uniform than the actual formatting!


Another normalization tool specifically for phone numbers. Per the readme, it is an administrator tool, not a real time validator.


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