We have a client we would like to show the current logged in users membership status in a Drupal View alongside other contact fields. As the user may not have a membership yet at all then this can't be a CiviMember based View.

Instead we wanted to use a Smart Group in CiviCRM based on the membership status. Then in a standard CiviContact based View show details about the logged in user including the status of the smart group. But it looks like smart group data isn't available to Views. I found a few old posts about this, does anyone know if this is still the case?


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I believe you can connect your civiContact view to the membership fields without using that smart group.

I have had success (in views 3) in the past with a civiContact based view using a relationship civiCRM Contacts: Drupal ID and a contextual filter User: UID that is configured to provide a default value from the logged in user when none is available.

Then you can put in civiCRM member status field with a relationship to the logged in Drupal user with your other contact fields and filters and configure the no results behavior from there.


From what I can tell, this stale issue in JIRA is as far as it went towards integrating Civi Smart Groups into Views.

If you are able to pick it up from there, please submit a new patch on that thread.


As far as I know this is still the case.

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