CiviCRM 4.4.14 (Drupal)

I am trying to use the MailChimp integration extension but on importing a list from MailChimp, only the first name is imported. I've gone through all the settings but cannot find a way to get last name too.

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The extension looks for specific MailChimp merge token names (FNAME, LNAME, and EMAIL). You can check it out in the function CRM_Mailchimp_Utils::updateContactDetails() if you want to see the guts of what it is doing. If your merge tokens are different, I think your options would be:

  • update your tokens on the MC side
  • hack the extension to hard-code your own token names instead of the default ones
  • improve the extension by creating some kind of field mapping!
  • create your own extension to override the functions that affect merge tokens

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