When using advanced search to find event participants, the option to export Group(s) and Tags is not listed under "individual record type". Is there a way to pull this data together with event participant fields?

Thanks, Jon

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A possible work around is to do the search twice, first search will be to add the contacts to a temporal group and export contacts with the right tags and groups, the second search, export the events related data and use excel function example Vlookup to add tags/groups to your last export. You may want to export the contact ID, which will be your unique column for Vlookup.

Hope this helps.


Unfortunately not, at least without resorting to spreadsheet trickery like Kboy suggests. You have a few options: * Commission a custom report, or for a modification to the current reports to export the data you want. * Restructure your data to use custom fields rather than groups/tags. You can always use smart groups based on your custom fields if you need to keep the groups for, e.g., mailings or other searches.

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