How can I automatically display today's date in a pdf or email. I tried the "thank you date" token but the date format is 12-31-15 12:30. I need December 31, 2015... I tried plugging in this {$smarty.now|date_format} Still didn't work. Any ideas?


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I think this would be a custom token to get it in the format that you're looking for, but it wouldn't be too difficult and I am pretty sure you'll be able to find one someone has already written -

Check out the bottom two links of this page:


The last post April 29: "We discovered at the sprint that just about everyone has written a token for this at some point"...

I think there was a good example on coleman's blog here, too, but the main content doesn't seem to be loading for me anymore:

https://civicrm.org/blog/colemanw/create-your-own-tokens-for-fun-and-profit (corrected link)


In order to get smarty to work in email templates you need to enable it editing the settings file civicrm.settings.php, as per CiviCRM documentation:

if (!defined('CIVICRM_MAIL_SMARTY')) {
     define( 'CIVICRM_MAIL_SMARTY', 1 ); // default is: define( 'CIVICRM_MAIL_SMARTY', 0 );

With smarty enabled, the following snippet should output the desired date format:

{$smarty.now|date_format} // Output: Jan 12, 2016
{$smarty.now|date_format:"%B %e, %Y"} // Output: January 12, 2016

As Eli says and references Coleman post is a very good example, simply pasting his code into an existing extension, or creating one for your needs, will work.


You could create a custom token and add the format you want. An example of such a token in a custom format (a long with lots of other tokens) you could find in the extension no.maf.tokens This extension contains specific tokens for a client and one of the tokens in the date of today in Norwegian.

See https://github.com/CiviCooP/org.civicoop.no.maf.ext/blob/master/org.civicoop.no.maf.tokens/maf_tokens.php#L72


This is posted as a comment in the top answer, but it deserves more visibility as an answer: You can install Fuzion's Civitoken extension.

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