I would like to go into a group to see who is listed in it, please advise how I can view a group. Thank you

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There's more than one way to view the contacts added to a group, here are a few, all of them will list the contacts belonging to the searched group.

Option 1) Navigate to Search -> Find Contacts, select your group filling the field in any group, leave the rest of the fields blank and hit search.

Option 2) Navigate to Search -> Advanced Search, select your group from the Groups field and hit search.

Option 3) Navigate to Contacts -> Manage Groups, here you can search/create/delete groups, on the right hand side of the screen there's a Contacts button for each created group, click it.


There are several ways, here are two options:

  • If you go to the Contacts menu option, there hit the Manage Groups option you get a list of all groups. Behind each group is a Contacts option, hit that you get all members.
  • If you go to the Search menu and select Find Contacts, you can select a group there and the result will be all members of that group

Using API Explorer -

1) Navigate to Support -> Developer -> Api Explorer

2) Select Entity as GroupContact Action get

3) select your group as parameter -> Execute

Eg :

$result = civicrm_api3('GroupContact', 'get', array(
  'sequential' => 1,
  'group_id' => "Advisory Board",

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