Issue: Coding wordpress plugin for civicontribute widget, I need to get some variables in order to build the progress bar.

When I use civicrm_api3('contribution_page', 'getfields'); it returns a lot of information which does not seem to be accessible when using civicrm_api3('contribution_page', 'get', $params);.

May some of you put a bot of light on how to get this data?

PS. May it be easier to code an alternative template for the widget?


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what is that you have in the param?

I would suggest you to use the api explorer, it should guide you and the generated code can be copy/pasted in your plugin

Just to be clear: the min_amount and max_amount are the amounts a user CAN enter, it doesn't show how much has been given already. for that, you should look at the contribution api.getcount (and filter it by contribution_page)

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