I'm using CiviCRM V4.4.13 and Drupal 7.41.

I have created a profile for batch updating several custom fields and the status of participants on our events. However, some participants seem to get sent a receipt after saving the updates (around 5-10% of participants) as if we had gone into their participant record and selected send confirmation and receipt. Is this a bug or is this expected behavior because of X reason?

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When you update the status of multiple participants using a profile, any participant whose status is changed from a non-counted status to a counted status or vice versa will be sent an email.

Go to Administer > CiviEvent > Particpant Statuses to check which statuses are counted and which aren't. (In this case "counted" means "included in count of total registrations for the event".)


Just make sure you haven't enabled Online Registration => Confirmation Email in the Event Configure page

please make sure does all the member has a email Id Also please make sure "On Hold?" is switched off for all the member

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