What I am trying to do is alter the wording on CiviEvent registration forms. It currently reads:

How many people are you registering? [Drop down list] (including yourself)

What I am trying to get it to read is:

How many people, including yourself, are you registering? [Drop down list]

Although I have found the line in CRM/Event/Form/Registration/Register.php to amend the bit of text before the drop down list which for me is in line 363; I can not find where the (including yourself) is located. The only reference to the phrase refers to groups partly needing the waitlist.


You could check templates/CRM/Event/Form/Registration/Register.tpl around line no 71.

  • Thank you. I did not think to look there (to be honest I am probably not that clued enough to want to know it is there!) – Darren Whittenham-Gray Jan 28 '16 at 17:17

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