I need to use the navigation menu hook to add a URL with arguments. I can't figure out why

'url' => 'civicrm/profile&gid=20'

gets converted to


by the time the menu renders. I've tried using

 'url' => 'civicrm/profile&gid=20'

instead, but that doesn't help.

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Try using a question mark instead of an ampersand:

'url' => 'civicrm/profile?gid=20'
  • This is happening just in the menu system. It's supposed to be '...&reset=1' I've tried to rebuild the menu several times, do upgrades, etc. Can't tell where this is being set. Many menu are showing DB syntax errors because of this, too. Please advise.
    – BruceW
    Commented Apr 6, 2016 at 6:55

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