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I am getting an error as show by the image above when attempting to install CiviCRM on drupal.

What does this error message mean and how could I go about fixing it?

The entire configuration report is as follows:

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Recommend setting MAMP to use PHP5.6 if you have that option.

The screenshots show MAMP is set to use PHP7, but CiviCRM isn't ready for PHP7 yet.

(PHP7 removes ext/mysql in favour of ext/mysqli and ext/pdo_mysql. CiviCRM looks for ext/mysql, and the installer test is bailing out when it detects that this isn't supported.)

CiviCRM's PHP requirements are documented in the CiviCRM wiki.


its worth noting that now with the release of 4.7.12 and the work completed on CRM-17789 That you now have 2 options,

  1. Download the later code base that does support php7
  2. Downgrade PHP to 5.6 as suggested by Chris

Try changing the DSN in civicrm.settings.php from mysql to mysqli in the following line: define( 'CIVICRM_UF_DSN', 'mysqli://cms_db_username:cms_db_password@db_server/cms_database?new_link=true');

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    Suggest doing this only if you intend helping work on CRM-17789. If you intend to use CiviCRM, use a supported PHP version. Feb 2, 2016 at 23:08

For anyone else having this problem, XAMPP 5.5.33 is shipping with the mysql_connect extension disabled by default. You need to go to php.ini file and uncomment the line


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