I created a Smart Group of members whose memberships are expiring in a particular month. I then created a new accounting batch. When I open the batch by clicking 'Transactions,' I get a list of all 2,000 plus members. Then I tried to revise my search by selecting the Smart Group in the search screen. When I click search, I get a small box in the middle of the screen that says 'Processing...' However, nothing happens. It appears that CiviCRM is hanging. I can find no reference to anything similar happening in any of the CiviCRM sites.


This can happen for many reason

  • check for any error message in Civicrm Log file
  • check for any error message in PHP error log file

If you haven't got any error message then

  • your MySQL DB is old version and you need to upgrade to latest Because some SQL which has been written in MySQL 5.6 is not been supported in Mysql 5.1 - which will not return any value and will timeout
  • also check for your Php Version too

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