I have a client who has a service they'd like to merge into CiviSMS. Strangers (i.e. not in the database) can send a text with a keyword; ideally it should create a contact with their phone number. Using reports/Views, staff will review new incoming messages and respond to the contacts accordingly.

Is that possible with CiviSMS?

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Jaap Jansma at CiviCoop has developed two extensions that do this for us. It is connected to a Norwegian sms provider, but the code is available on github.

He used a trick... To automatically create a contact with no name, but only email(as Civi requirements for creating a contact). A contact with cell phone number 123456789 would then get an email like this: [email protected]

This is again easy to search for or make a report for back office staff to go through. (Email adresses containing @mobile.sms)

Norwegian sms provider PSWincom

Sms autoreply

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