I would like to be able to use different mail servers to send different emails, for instance:

  • all transactional emails (contribution receipt, event registration...) sent by our mail server, all mass mailing sent using mandrill
  • all the emails sent by [email protected] are pushed through mandrill, but those sent by [email protected] via our own mail server
  • do A/B testing between two different mail providers to see if mailjet or mailchimps provide better deliverability

I do think it would need some coding, either as extension or to modify civicrm core, but would love to be proven wrong.

Assuming we need to add this feature, would it be useful for you too?


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My proposal is using CiviCRM Extension like this one Alternate Mailing Server.


  • each alternate server has own setting mailing_backend_alternate[1-9],
    • first at mailing_backend_alternate1,
    • second at mailing_backend_alternate2,
  • in session variable is stored which server will be used,
  • server is changed by hook_civicrm_alterMailer().

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