I try to change the role of a case. - Case coordinator (case manager) is manuel berger. - I click on reassign case coordinator - Enter a new name and click save

then the following error massage appears: "The relationship type definition for the case role is not valid for the client and / or staff contact types. You can review and edit relationship types at Administer >> Option Lists >> Relationship Types.

Is there a solution to change?


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Is your client an organization or individual? I know at one time it only worked with individual-individual, but I thought that was updated, but maybe not. I get the same error when I try on the public demo (4.6) with an org client.

  • it is an organisation
    – Oliver
    Feb 10, 2016 at 10:42
  • 1
    Try adding a new relationship type that is org-to-individual and updating the civicase config to use it for the manager.
    – Demerit
    Feb 11, 2016 at 14:32

I think Demerit's answer of adding org-to-individual should work. However, i'd thought i'd add some other considerations for anyone searching.

I've had this problem before, especially when using multi-client case setup.

I found that if there was a mismatch between any of the clients contact type/subtype with the new caseworker's contact type/subtype then i got this message.

This was further compounded by some users trying to add invalid contacts (e.g. a household) as clients to the case.

Steps to check

  • Contact type/subtype of each client(s) involved in a case
  • Contact type/subtype of the new case manager
  • Check all combinations are valid
  • If you're doing this with bulk import data there could be an issue missing data e.g. contact subtype.

I found the solution by

  1. reviewing relationship types Administer >> Option Lists >> Relationship Types
  2. Setting them to individual - individual (they were the more narrow "contact sub-type A - contact sub-type B"). This lessend the chance of a conflict
  3. Amend the case open form or webform to limit the contact types that can be added as clients to limit only to valid contact types.

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