Using the contact - getoptions method you can read the list of options for a custom field with select type.


But how can I create new options using the API?

  • Oh, I think it's OptionValue. Let me check ....
    – James
    Feb 8, 2016 at 14:13

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Use CustomField - get method to get data for the select custom field who's options you want to edit. Note down the "option_group_id" value.

Then use the OptionGroup and OptionValue API methods with the Option Group you just noted. With this you can add new options.

  • You can also use a chained API to do this in one call if necessary! In Civi 4.7, I believe you can also use a joined API call here as well. May 10, 2016 at 4:47

As james mentioned, it's entity=optionvalue and action=create

However, as opposed as what you shared for the getoption, it isn't possible to have the values you want to create as a get parameter, they have to be in post (for security reasons).

So the easiest is to use post for everything, it works and avoid the issue of knowing if it's a destructive operation or not that you want to perform in the api.

and depending of the language you use, we might already have a wrapper that hide all these details and take care of calling the right url with the right params

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