The wiki currently states that CiviCRM has bare minimum (5.3.10) and recommended (>= 5.4) PHP requirements.

Knowing what CiviCRM has been tested with can help identify what should be expected to work reliably.

  • As of today, what versions of PHP do CiviCRM's test infrastructure test with?
  • This question will become out of date over time; for future reference, is there a better place to check this information?
  • For orgs who aren't able to match the PHP versions that CiviCRM is tested with internally, what other options are available?

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  • At time of writing, all PRs tests and scheduled tests run under Ubuntu 12.04 (PHP 5.3.10). There is an effort underway to introduce a test node for Ubuntu 16.04 (PHP 7.0) (although details are still a bit in flux).
  • When you inspect the results of a test run, you can get some details (such as the node name and console output). The node names follow a convention -- test-ubu1204-5 is running Ubuntu 12.04 (precise); test-ubu1604-1 is running Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial).
    • This tells you the general platform and hints at the PHP version. I'd like to keep these generally aligned with upstream versions.
    • As a somewhat stronger statement, I want to keep the test nodes aligned with civi-download-tools --full, which autoinstalls system requirements on some common builds of Ubuntu/Debian. If you know the target platform, you can lookup a more specific list of packages.

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