I have a mailing list with 788 recipients. When run, the hosting server choked at 520 records because of server limitations. When I run the sent/scheduled mailings report I can generate the delivery summary and can get a .csv of both the intended recipients and the successful deliveries. The list of "intended recipient" contacts has one of two entries in the Delivery Status field: Successful and Unknown.

What I need to do is filter the original recipients list for delivery status=Unknown, but that I can't find a method to accomplish that.

I've solved the host resource limitations issue by using Mailchimp and the Joomla Mailchimp extension. Now I want to resend the email only to the 228 people the server never got to. Is there any way? I have tried custom searches, filters, various reports, but no luck.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Since this is a one time issue (now that you've resolved with MailChimp), I would use that CSV to 're-import' those intended recipients with an Unknown status. The CSV should have email address as a field, so you can use that to match up your contacts. See Importing Data and Importing Data - CiviCRM Wiki for reference.

When you import the contacts, use the Update or Fill option for "For Duplicate Contacts" option (and they should all match if your dedupe rule uses email address). In one of the last steps of the import, you can add them to a new group. Use that group as the recipients for your re-sent mailing.


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