For some reason Civi is using UTC and not the Joomla time. The system, and php and mysql times are reporting correctly (Brisbane) . For Mysql I have run the following to get its time;


For PHP I ran this

echo 'PHP date: ' . date('Y-m-d H:i:s');

Both report correct time. I also set the time zone in a local php.ini file and php is picking this up and reporting this correctly.

The error that Civi displays shows PHP as having the wrong time.

I see a timezone table in the database which is empty. Can I hardcode it in there? What else might be going on?

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It turns out joomla on the cpanel install in question linux reads the php.ini file from the /administrator directory not site root. I had put one in the root dierctory and had checked if php was reporting it correctly and it was. So now fixed.

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