I set up a clickatell account and configured it in Civi. It only works if the phone number has a 1 in front for the country code. None of our numbers have the country code, is there a way around this?

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    That is the reason we decided to go with Twilio. It was either reformat all of our phone numbers into a format which would be strange for normal usage or go with a different SMS provider. Commented Feb 22, 2016 at 19:05
  • It's also possible to do some customization to prepend the country code before sending so you don't have to add it in the UI. You might need a developer/consultant's help with this but it's certainly been done, and AFAIK works well. Commented Feb 22, 2016 at 19:16

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I just faced (and fixed) this problem three days ago for a client by patching the Clickatell extension to prepend the "1" where it doesn't already exist.

In short - someone already wrote this patch, but it only works if you don't have contacts you want to text outside the US and UK. The patch is referenced on CRM-14160 - or just find it here.

If you're not a developer, but you feel comfortable installing an extension from a zip file, I just made a Github repo here with the patched extension. That said - I don't want to post it as the "new" Clickatell extension, because it makes some country-specific assumptions.

You can see that I updated the CRM-14160 ticket with what I think is the ultimate solution - which is for CiviCRM to know the country code associated with each country. Then the Clickatell extension could check for whether it's present or not - and if not, then prepend it.


Update your numbers to include a country code.

This will vary based on the format you've input data, but the below works for the sample dataset used on the demo sites.

-- a couple of formats including area code and local number
UPDATE civicrm_phone SET phone = CONCAT('+1 ', phone) 
 WHERE phone LIKE '(___) ___-____';
UPDATE civicrm_phone SET phone = CONCAT('+1 ', phone) 
 WHERE phone LIKE '___ ___-____';

-- local numbers get your assumed area code prepended also
UPDATE civicrm_phone SET phone = CONCAT('+1 555 ', phone) 
 WHERE phone LIKE '___-____';

When doing this, make sure to make backups and work on test data so you avoid loss.

There is a trigger civicrm_phone_before_update which will handle updating the civicrm_phone_numeric column.

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