I have a contribution form with profile with custom fields, I want to know where the custom fields data is stored in the DB for every new contact.

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Quote from CiviCRM data architecture:

When you add custom data to a CiviCRM object, you first create a custom data group and then add custom data fields. At the database layer, what you are doing is creating a new table for the custom data group and adding columns for the fields.

If you crate a custom data group called My Custom Data with a field Name, Civi will create a new table in your database like this: civicrm_value_my_custom_data_1, 1 being the group id. The table has an id column (primary key) an entity_id column (fk to the entity, ie. contact_id, contribution_id, etc), and one column per each field you have created, in this case would be name_1.

Field Name for contact_id 50 in sql would be: select name_1 from civicrm_value_my_custom_data_1 where entity_id=50;

Hope is clear.

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