There is a way to force the language of a contact created via webform: How to set a constant value for a field in webform (eg the prefered language)?

but I'd like to do it automatically, eg if I see the form as /fr/form it will set the preferred Civi language to fr, if the visitor is on /de/form it will be in german

Is this possible with webform civicrm?

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This is only a partial answer - but the PHP $_SERVER global variable contain the requested language code (e.g. en_US) (See here). civicrm_option_value stores the "Languages" option group, which provides a mapping from the language code to the language option value ID.

It seems like you could parse the requested language (en and en-US must be mapped to en_US), add an API call to OptionValue.get to get the correct ID value, and set the default value for preferred language.

Note that this is slightly different from what you're requesting - a French-speaking user on an English-localised web browser will get English, not French - but the concept should be applicable.

  • in my experience, the requested language is not that reliable, eg. lots are having the en software, despite having a different language. but we can easily get the drupal language in php, so that would work too
    – Xavier
    Feb 25, 2016 at 10:00

I think the best option is to add some jquery -> that reads the URL - parses it - and then writes to the appropriate field on the webform based on whether it finds /de/ , /fr/ or /en/

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