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How do I debug CiviCRM when I hit a blank page / white screen / fatal error?

CiviCRM is showing a blank page (aka white screen of death or WSoD) when I expect to see some output. How can I debug CiviCRM when there is no error message visible on screen? This includes when the ...
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How can I monitor the progress of a slow upgrade?

CiviCRM upgrades can take a long time. What is the best way of seeing where they are up to?
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how do I find error log to see what is causing the error

I am not the technical person - merely a user so I am very unfamiliar with this tool. I am trying to find the reason for the error I receive when trying to search the contacts for all individual ...
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System Status Page Blank after Upgrade

After upgrading from 4.7.31 to 5.2.0 the system status page is blank. I made sure the Directory and Resource url settings match; I cleaned up caches and reset paths; I disabled the Asset Cache; no ...
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CiviCRM WordPress doesn't work suddenly

Not sure where I went wrong. I recently installed the CiviCRM WordPress plugin. I also installed a number of other plugins, but one of them that was installed after Civi was an SSO one. I wouldn't ...
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CiviCRM 5.26.2 admin menu vanished in Drupal 7.72

I just upgraded to CiviCRM 5.26.2 using Drupal 7.72. Specific CiviCRM administration pages work fine if I type in the proper urls to access it. But the administration menu just doesn't show at all. I ...
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Where is the exact path to the ConfigAndLog log *file*?

In the latest awesome pattern we can now locate our log service easily: Civi::log()->info('Hello, log!'); And then we can tail the log which is in our ConfigAndLog directory. Chris has enumerated ...
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Recurring Payment Profile IPNs not Updating CiviCRM with new Transactions

Environment: CiviCRM 5.5.x is the version that created the ones that are now trying to update, but we are now on the latest version 5.11.00 Drupal 7.x Webform CiviCRM 7.x-4.20+16-dev Issue: The ...
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Contact field, DB Error: no such field

So I just updated CiviCRM to 5.0 and I keep getting the error DB Error: no such field when I try and view/edit a contact. It doesn't allow me to view any contact but I can search and find my contacts. ...
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Thank you page not displaying

Whenever someone registers for an event, this error displays instead of the thank you page: I'm using Wordpress and I have a civicrm page, and I have the Wordpress base page set to the civicrm page ...
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Fatal Error when accessing Civi in WP Install

My Civi seems to be broken, and I'm really unsure why! This is the error I receive when trying to open the base CiviCRM homepage. Fatal error: Uncaught CRM_Core_Exception: [0: Invalid cache key: Not ...
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"Access denied" after IP address change (WAMP; Drupal)

I wasted hours of searching Google back and forth, and found no solution: CiviCRM is set up as an internal only CRM system for an organisation (i.e. IP address - so far, so good. Now I ...
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Exporting Contacts Results in DB Error

I am trying to export about 2000 contacts (exporting primary fields only) and when I click continue I get this error: Sorry but we are not able to provide this at the moment. DB Error: unknown ...
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Settings - Outbound Mail are not saved

please help, I have a Joomla 3.6.5 and CiviCRM 4.7.14 I just migrated from the dev site to the live site, and now when I check the Outbound Mail settings in CiviCRM, they are empty. Everytime I fill ...
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Custom Data Set - Field Limit

I am using Civi 5.38 on a WordPress site. There have been multiple custom data sets created and used for Activities which have all worked fine apart from the most recent set which needs 70+ fields ...
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