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CiviCRM dashboard and menus do not load

I cannot load CiviCRM 4.6.3 in my WordPress installation. I can login to Wordpress, but when I click on CiviCRM, The menu is not loaded the dashboard remains on "Loading…" When I check the console (...
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CiviCRM Dashboard Hangs for 5+ minutes part 2

CentOS release 6.8 cPanel 56.0 (build 25) Apache (v. 2.4.18) PHP (v. 5.6.22) MySQL (v. 5.6.30) WordPress (v. 4.5.3) CiviCRM (v. 4.6.19) Previously posted here but wouldn't allow me to edit: CiviCRM ...
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Why is the event registration "Thank You" page generating an error?

After our organization updated to the latest version of CiviCRM, our users started receiving the following error after registering for events on our website: Sorry but we are not able to provide ...
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SSL enabled CiviCRM with forever loading dashlets?

We had a CiviCRM installation where the dashlets worked fine...until...we configured Apache to forward all requests over 443 (https). It seems that now an AJAX callback is failing (going directly to ...
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civicrm dashboard won't load

civicrm 4.6.8/joomla 3.4.1/php 5.6.11 moved civi to new server everything seems ok EXCEPT the civi home page which hangs trying to display the dashboard here's the log dump from the error http://...
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why are non admin users having fatal error when accessing CiviCRM and dashboard doesn't load?

I have started experiencing some problems with non admin users, i get Fatal error on the logs when non admin users access civicrm and dashboard doesn't load for these users. Admin ...
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Webfaction hosting, behind a proxy - broken dashlet

Webfaction hosted servers are behind firewalls/proxies. Unlike standing up apache (i.e., socket:xxxx on localhost), their wordpress installation appears to simply be the wordpress code. Therefore, ...
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Civicrm - Use profile create mode only works 50% of the time

I'm using CiviCRM 4.6.10 with Joomla 3.4.8 I have a profile form setup for public view for volunteers to register. 50% of the time the form works great, submits the new contact to the database, ...
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Why is my dashboard showing 503 errors? Is this a host issue or a civi config issue?

Civi seems to be working normally, but all dashboard items are showing 503 errors (ngnix). Any ideas of what to check? Hosted on Arvixe.
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Is there a bug in Follow-up activity search?

Is there a bug in Follow-up activity search? I open Advanced search > Activities Choose: Has a Followup Activity? = Yes Click Search Result = Error Also tested in CiviCRM Drupal sandbox. Option ...
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