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How to import to multi-record set custom fields

I am trying to import records to a custom multi-record set of fields. I read somewhere that it was a new feature for 4.5.8 but now for the life of me I cannot find where I read it - pretty sure it was ...
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Add custom field and populated with array/data from a non-civicrm table

newby here with a quick question about custom fields. Is it possible to set up a custom field that queries a non-civicrm table? Hoping to create an autocomplete dropdown menu that does a SELECT on a ...
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How do I use import and export php classes with aegir?

How do I use export.php and import.php to work with multiple sites run with Aegir. All of them share the same files (php classes) and when I specify the site with -s I get nothing (...
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503 Error with large CSV import

I’m hoping to use CiviCRM to manage campaign contacts for voters across many counties and need to upload BOE data to do it. It’s about 210 MB in total, but I have it broken up into CSVs under 30 MB ...
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cron setup failing in new Wordpress installaion

New installation of 4.7.14 into a WordPress 4.7 site located in a subdomain (e.g. hosted at A2. Everything good except for the "Cron Not Running". Created a new WP user with admin ...
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Can I specify a dedupe rule and import type (e.g. update) when using command line import

I'm using the command line import, following info provided here: How do I import contacts through the command line? Since I have data that includes ...
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Import Contact Issue

I am importing CSV files, about 7000 contacts per import, about 20 fields per contact, about 800kb sile size. DB size is about 55k, issue arose at about 20k. Since then, it times out after 2000ish ...
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script cli code for importing contacts in civicrm

Can some one give a code to how to import contacts in civicrm by using script line command. I a have a 45000 contacts and importing from civicrm interface i am getting gateway timeout error. I need ...
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Command line import error message

I'm using the command line import, following info provided here: How do I import contacts through the command line? But getting the following error ...
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404 Error: Not found while Importing Contacts

I'm migrating from one host service to another. We've installed the newest version of CiviCRM on the new host, DreamHost. I'm exporting contacts from the old CiviCRM database and importing them into ...
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