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Questions tagged [accessibility]

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9 votes
3 answers

Access for Blind Users to CiviCRM

Can you please tell me if CiviCRM is accessible by the blind using a screen reader ie; Jaws, Window Eyes or NVDA? If so were customizations required?
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4 votes
1 answer

ERROR Class 'CRM_Search_Upgrader' not found since upgrading CiviCRM to 5.45.1 on Wordpress 5.8.3

I upgraded from CiviCrm 5.38 to 5.45.0 on my staging server which is on Wordpress(5.8.3). I get a Error Thrown ...Class 'CRM_Search_Upgrader' not found when I access: CiviCRM from the Wordpress Admin ...
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3 votes
0 answers

CiviCRM and screen reader software [duplicate]

Does anyone have experience of using CiviCRM with JAWS or other screen reader software for visually impaired users? An experienced JAWS user tried but could not get to the quick search box or the ...
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