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Amazon SES is a service offered by Amazon to send bulk mail. (SES is short for Simple Email Service).

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Does CiviMail SMTP work with Amazon AWS SES?

Would like to use AWS SES as the SMTP service for CiviMail. The AWS SMTP is set up and authorized but not working with CiviMail. Has anyone done this successfully? Are there any special ...
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3 answers

Why is test email but not mail campaigns working with Amazon SES with CiviCRM?

I have configured Amazon SES with CiviCRM, after configure outbond setting in CiviCRM I got mail from my CRM via with Subject "Test for SMTP settings" and body "SMTP settings are ...
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On sending test for mailing, I get : "Could not identify any recipients. Perhaps your test group is empty..."

I'm setting up civicrm-5.47.2-wordpress with wordpress-5.9.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 running Cyberpanel 2.1, on AWS Lightsail with AWS SES SMTP credentials in CiviCRM Outbound email where 'Save & Send ...
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Does Using CiviMail for mailing lists on AWS violate the AWS Terms of Service?

I noticed on a blog on the site ( a suggestion to use Amazon SES as an alternative to Mandrill for emails, and I also noticed an old ...
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