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Checksum or hash not pulling up contribution pages for anonymous users in Drupal 7

This documentation shows Checksum for Contribution Pages¶ To send people to a ...
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Anon user profile edit error - No user/contact ID was specified, so the Profile cannot be used in edit mode

I am using wordpress with civicrm 5.39.0 and previously this url worked for anon users to edit profile which I would include in e-blasts
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WP Fatal Error UserDashBoard.php:80 for anonymous users

My Wordpress \ConfigAndLog\Civicrm.xx...xx.log is full of this error. 100s of MB of them. I understand that this is due to anonymous users not passing a valid contactID to the UserDashBoard. This ...
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How to allow anon user that enters existing contact email into webform to add infomation to that matching contact

I just inherited a contact list of 2164 contacts that has name and email only that opted in to our campaign. I want to to import into to CiviCRM and mass email the group to encourage them to give us ...
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Anonymous user permissions column missing

Our users trigger a “you don’t have permission to access this page” error when trying to make a contribution or opt out of an email. I’ve read some responses on SE about setting permissions for an ...
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Limit access to form to authenticated users?

We're using Drupal8+CiviCRM We have a data entry form (created with a profile) that we don't want Anonymous users to access. We also have several other forms that we do want Anonymous access for (...
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Anonymous user cannot see contributionpage fields in Wordpress

We have a new wordpress site and have added a basic (to paypal) donation page- worls fine when logged in. but the contribution amount fields aren't showing for anonymous users. Anonymous user view ...
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