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Using CiviCRM + S3 for ~10M contacts

We're planning to use CiviCRM for a large number of voters (~10M voters). Most of these voters will never be contacted and so we don't need all of them in CiviCRM. We'd like to store these contacts in ...
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How can I connect my website to CiviCRM on a remote server?

The easiest common installation pattern is to have CiviCRM and the frontend website on the same server using the CMS as the website but it is often said there are benefits to keeping them separate. ...
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What's the rationale behind the new Civi folder in civicrm?

From a cursory glance, everything in Civi seems to be namespaced and everything in CRM is not. I'm guessing the answer has something to do with this.
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Ideal dependency injection pattern

Noting Tim Otten's answer here which pointed to his blog post, I'd like to know the best pattern to allow injection of CiviCRM services into extension classes and other things (ie to support unit ...
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CiviCRM Architecture - CiviCRM directory structure

Can anybody help me understand the architecture and directory structure of the civicrm. I found this post written in 2006 which doesn't seems to be valid for newer version.
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Should civicrm_participant.registered_by_id be an FK to civicrm_contact?

While troubleshooting for a different question, I noticed that civicrm_participant.registered_by_id is an FK back to Since it's a common use case for one contact to register ...
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How to decide between using a custom Relationship and using a custom Contact Reference field?

This is admittedly open-ended any may just depend too much on use-case. I am looking for advice on when it is preferable to create a custom Contact Reference field instead of just creating a custom ...
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