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2 answers

Bookkeeping in 5 Minutes a month

With all the integrations out there, there's no reason bookkeeping should take more than five minutes a month, without a bookkeeper. Does anyone have a system for this that doesn't require lot's of ...
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0 answers

Disabling "Deferred Revenue" on an existing system: bad idea?

If a CiviCRM installation has been running with Deferred Revenue long enough to have many transactions affected by that configuration, what are the negative impacts of disabling it now? I'm thinking ...
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0 answers

What creates future-dated civicrm_financial_trxn records, seen in Bookkeeping Transactions report?

When viewing the output of the Bookkeeping Transactions report, I'm seeing many contributions listed with repeating future-dated transactions, even though these transactions do not appear when looking ...
2 votes
1 answer

What does the option "Always post to Accounts Receivable" in CiviContribute do?

In the settings page of the CiviContribute module, there is the option "Always post to Accounts Receivable?" which can be activated or de-activated. I have searched through the documentation and ...
4 votes
1 answer

How to fix Bookkeeping Transactions Report so it doesn't show redundant transactions (e.g., for changed Payment Method)?

If you change the Payment Method on a contribution, e.g., from "Credit Card" to "Check" for a $10 contribution, CiviCRM will leave the existing transaction record in place, and add two more ...
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3 answers

Bookkeeping report that includes grouping by deposit and Line Item Totals

We are using Civi 4.6.18 WordPress 4.7.1 iATS is our paymentprocessor. All donations use Price Sets so we use Line Items for our reports Is there a way to get a report that groups Contributions ...
1 vote
2 answers

Financial Softwares to use with CiviCRM

What is the best software to use with CiviCRM? I've been using Quickbooks premier 2015 which has no option to import transactions. Are there Quickbooks versions that allow for transaction import?